söndag 14 mars 2010

P-T Cd

pedro the lion - progress cdep 80 kr suicide squeeze

pedro the lion - tour ep 2004 cd 120 kr

pedro the lion - achilles heel cd 140 kr jade tree

pedro the lion - the only reason I feel secure cd 140 kr jade tree

Pelican - Live in Chicago dvd 120 kr Hydra head

Pelican - the fire in our throats will beckon the thaw cd 150 kr hydra head

(Don) Peris - ten silver slide trombones cd 140 kr Umbrella day records
(Gitarristen från the innocence mission)

(Don) Peris - Go when the morning shineth cd 150 kr Badman/Jemez mountain
(Gitarristen från the innocence mission)

PG.lost - Yes I Am cdep 50 kr black star foundation

Polmo polpo - like hearts swelling cd 150 kr constellation

Questions in dialect - te ghost wishes to speak cdep 60 kr burnt toast vinyl

Rachel´s - systems/layers cd 150 kr quarterstick

the Radio dept - lesser matters cd 120 kr labrador

Radiohead - in rainbows cd 150 kr tbd records

Red sparowes/Gregor samsa split cd 120 kr Robotic empire

Rev/vega compilation cd-r samling 40 kr

Råd Kjetil and the loving eye of God - Mattmar cd 120 kr Goddamn I´m a countryman

(David) Sandström - the dominant need of the needy soul is to be neede cd 120 kr Mofab

Saxon shore - Be a bright blue cd 120 kr Broken factory music

Saxon shore - the exquisite death of... cd 140 kr burnt toast vinyl

Scraps of tape - read between the lines at all times cd 120 kr tenderversion

Seidenmatt - if you use this software often - buy it cd 120 kr tenderversion

Selenite Summit - Broken electric china cd-r 50 kr Moonshake records

September malevolence - tomorrow we´ll wonder where this generation gets it´s priorities from cd 120 kr tenderversion

Set fire to flames - telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static 2cd 200 kr alien8

Sickoakes - seawards cd 150 kr Type

Sigur rós - takk cd 150 kr Geffen

Silver Mt zion - born into trouble as the sparks fly upward cd 150 kr constellation

Silver Mt zion - this is our punk rock, the rusted satellites gather+sing cd 150 kr consteallation

Silver Mt zion - 13 blues for thirteen moons cd 150 kr constellation

Sixteen horsepower - Secret south cd+dvdA 160 kr Alternative tentacles

Soapbox - the funeral ep cd-r ep 40 kr Do you dream of noise?

the solo archivist cd-r 40 kr

Soporus - Atómové Elektrárne cdep 60 kr Burnt toast vinyl

Soporus - 24.110 cd 140 kr Burnt toast vinyl

the Spacious mind - Live volume one: Do your thing but don´t touch ours cd 120 kr goddamn I´m a countryman

the Spacious mind - rotvälta cd 120 kr Goddamn I´m a countryman

the Spirit that guides us - don´t shoot, let us burn cd 140 kr Sally forth

Starflyer 59 - Never play covers (live) cd 140 kr Badout

Starflyer 59 - Talking voice vs. singing voice cd 140 kr Tooth and nail

Stars of the lid - Gravitational pull vs the desire for an aquatic life cd 150 kr kranky

Stars of the lid - the tired sounds of.. 2 cd 180 kr kranky

(Sufjan) Stevens - Year of the rabbit cd 140 kr Asthmatic kitty

(Sufjan) Stevens - Greetings from Michigan... cd 140 kr Asthmatic kitty

(Sufjan) Stevens - Illinoise cd 140 kr Asthmatic kitty

(Sufjan) Stevens - the avalanche cd 140 kr Asthmatic kitty

Switchblade - s/t (2006) cd 120 kr Trust no one

Tape - Opera cd 120 kr Häpna

Tape - Milieu cd 120 kr Häpna

Tape - Rideau cd 120 kr Häpna

Two White Horses - s/t cd 130 kr Stand by your band

(Rosie) Thomas - these friends of mine cd 140 kr sing-along

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